Fundição São Francisco

21 de September de 2020


Fundição São Francisco is always concerned with environmental issues. As a result, the company deployed a solid waste management system, in which the waste is classified, stored, transported and disposed in accordance with the standard NBR-10004 "Solid Waste Classification" and NBR 11174 "Waste Storage Classes II – III – Non-inert waste and Inert waste".

The company installed mechanical sand regenerators with regeneration capacity of 6 metric tons per hour. This equipment provides the reduction of acquisition of 1,500 metric tons of new sand per month. By using such equipment the company is effectively contributing to reducing the consumption of non-renewable materials and collaborating with the reduction of emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, resulting from the extraction, drying and transport of new sand.

The sand used and not regenerated is disposed in an industrial landfill, properly licensed and monitored by CETESB – (Brazilian Agency of Sanitation and Environment). The company also has 13 wells for monitoring the quality of the underground water, built in accordance with the standard NBR 13895 – "Construction of Monitoring and Sampling Wells", to ensure that the company's activities have no negative interference on the quality of the underground water.

Rodovia Fausto Santomauro • SP 127 • Km 22,5 • Parque São Jorge
Cep. 13413-050 • Piracicaba/SP • F. 19 3412-1800 / Fax 19 3412-1808


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